"For over 25 years Houston Aircraft Instruments has been selected to be one of our top vendors for the repair and overhaul of many of our instrument needs.  Due to the fact that we are not a repair facility, it is a pleasure to rely on Houston Aircraft Instruments for high quality workmanship, competitive pricing and excellent delivery.  Their level of professionalism and dedication makes them the type of company that we are proud to be affiliated with."
Best Regards,

Jim Sensale
Aviation Instrument Services, Inc.
Miami, Florida


 " Paul, I just wanted to send you this E-Mail to say Thanks for the exceptional service Houston Aircraft Instruments has given to the companies I have owned in the past as well as Aviation Enterprises. If every company in Aviation had the same attitude to take care of their customers as you and your team do, aviation would be a much better place to work.  It is very apparent to me that your employees know that the customer signs their paychecks.  Keep up the GREAT work.  Again many thanks."

 Ernie Kennemore
 Aviation Enterprises
 Atlanta, GA